MMA Betting: How To Bet On Mixed Martial Arts

The rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has paved the way for Mixed Martial Arts to become that much more popular in recent years to the point where it is now considered a mainstream sport. That means it has also become so much more popular of a sport for fans to bet on. Similar to boxing, there are only so many ways that fans can bet on the UFC and other top MMA promotions. Here is a quick look at how to bet on Mixed Martial Arts.

Money Line

The majority of fights are bet on the money line with fans simply picking a winner and putting their money down on them to win the fight. Each fight is assessed and given an appropriate set of odds by the sportsbooks so that you could see something like this:

Jon “Bones” Jones -240 vs. Daniel Cormier +200

This means that anybody that wants to bet on Jones to win the fight must risk $240 in order to potentially win $100. On the other hand, anybody that wants to bet on Daniel Cormier can wager $100 to win $200. The odds will change depending on how big of a favorite each fighter is considered so Jones can be listed at higher or lower than -240. The bookies will shift the lines in an effort to make sure that they don’t lose too much money betting on either side so keep that in mind when determining what you want to bet on with MMA fights. Remember, the sportsbooks will use these fights in an effort to make money so don’t buy too much in to what the odds dictate.

Winner + Result

MMA fans can get more specific when betting on a fight by picking the winner and the final result. According to the example that we used above, the odds would look something like this:

Jon Bones” Jones via TKO
Jon Bones” Jones via Submission
Jon Bones” Jones via Decision Daniel Cormier via TKO
Daniel Cormier via Submission
Daniel Cormier via Decision

This type of wager requires that the bettor pick not just the winner but how the fight will end. Therefore, if you like Jones to win the fight you still have to pick whether he will win via TKO, submission or by decision. The odds will vary depending on the choice you make.


MMA fans can also choose to bet a parlay with one or more results on the same ticket. Therefore, if they like three fighters to win their matchups on a single fight card they can string them together on a parlay in an effort to make more money. The payout on the parlay will be better than betting each fight individually on the money line but the catch is that all of the selections on the ticket must be right in order for the wager to be considered a winner. The bigger the fight card the more the number of plays you can have on one ticket but the majority of sportsbooks limit MMA parlays to a single event.